When A Jeep Shows Up To A Drag Race, And Dominates!

When you break the sport of drag racing down to its simplest basic attributes, there ...

When you break the sport of drag racing down to its simplest basic attributes, there are two factors that are key in laying down a quick pass: power and traction. I know it, you know it, most of the world understands that those to factors are the most important part of going fast.

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For a lot of people, it’s easy to make power, but traction can become a bit of a problem. Again, this is not rocket science. The more power you make, the more rubber you need on the road to put that power down. There is only so much you can do, and we see often than even top fuel cars, which run the largest drag slicks on the planet, have no problem overpowering the track when the tuneup isn’t just perfect.

The engineers at Jeep decided to build an SUV with a ton of power, they knew going in that they needed to consider the struggle the driver would face when trying to plant 707 horsepower from the supercharged HEMI powerplant. Needless to say, being Jeep, they had a pretty good idea of one way to help the situation.

After dropping the blown Hellcat engine under the hood, the Jeep Trackhawk team decided to put in the extra work to make the SUV all wheel drive. By doubling the number of wheels pulling the ride forward, the team effectively doubled the traction. In fact, though I haven’t done the math, I’m pretty sure AWD actually more than doubles the traction by some weird physics concepts I’m not quite intelligent enough to relay to you in layman’s terms, mainly because I don’t really understand them myself.

What I can tell you is when the guys over at Detroit Hood TV showed up at WinterTruck Shootout, there was a Trackhawk in the lineup that absolutely decimated the field, even taking down some trucks with more power and plenty of tires out back. This is a perfect example of how power plus traction equals QUICK! Thanks to the DHTV Crew for providing the footage, we always love what you guys are doing up there in and around The Motor City!


When TRACKHAWK707 shows up to the WinterTruck Shootout and dominates!!

Posted by Detroithoodtv on Monday, December 10, 2018

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