When Extremely Expensive Cars Break – Lamborghini Aventador

Today’s modern supercars are generally pretty reliable. When you pay the prices ...

Today’s modern supercars are generally pretty reliable. When you pay the prices these cars demand, you expect them to fire up and run every time you sit down in the driver’s seat, and for the most part, they do.

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However, occasionally things to go wrong. Today, superspeedersRob is dealing with one such occasion, as the Lamborghini Aventador being delivered to him simply will not crank. To make matters worse, the car won’t shift into neutral, so the whole truckload of cars is locked in place, held hostage in the transporter by the broken Lambo.

After trying to charge it with a battery tender – which laughably wasn’t actually connected to the battery – Rob hits the Lambo with a jump box, but it still refuses to fire. However, with the jumper attached, the crew is able to shift the car into neutral and back it off the trailer so the rest of the cars can be offloaded. The Lambo still won’t fire after trying to jump it again, so they resort to simply pushing it out of the way, leaving the repairs for another day, and probably another video.

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