Jacking Up a Car Goes Incredibly Wrong! (Better Safe Than Sorry)

Even though plenty of us like to act like it, nobody has been a professional for ...

Even though plenty of us like to act like it, nobody has been a professional for their entire life. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is. Just about every trade has at least somewhat of a learning curve to it. Nobody wakes up in the morning and is automatically a professional mechanic. Just don’t tell the Internet that because we’re sure that somebody will try to debate you on the matter. However, for some of us, this learning curve comes a little bit easier than for others. In turn, sometimes, that learning curve is a lot cheaper or more expensive.

This time, we catch up with an individual who is trying to do a little bit of wrenching in his garage. However, it turns out that he takes that more expensive learning curve. It’s not clear what this guy is trying to do to his Lexus. The result is the same, though. It appears as if he has brought the back of the car up on a couple of ramps and wants to get all four wheels in the air, jacking up the front as well. Instead of a successful mission, though, the jack ends up sliding out from underneath the car and doing some big-time damage. This one looks like it’s going to be pretty expensive to fix.

At least he’s taking it all in stride, though. It looks like he chose to willingly upload this clip to the Internet. Perhaps this can be a little bit of a learning point for anybody else who plans on wrenching. When going to do something like this, maybe it’s a case of “measure twice and cut once.”

While lifting a car into the air can seem simple, it’s something that could very easily go catastrophically wrong. This might be an expensive lesson but still a lesson nonetheless.

Take the 5 minutes to check the manual!

Proper lift points are important mmmkay?Carmmunity

Posted by Carmmunity on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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