When This Guy Looked Inside His Deceased Friend’s Garage, He Unearthed A Rare ’70s Drag Racing Beast

While browsing around the Internet on various sites that allow people to pitch their ...

While browsing around the Internet on various sites that allow people to pitch their opinions on different stories at a forum board and converse back and forth, you really never know what exactly it is that you are going to find there. Sometimes, stories can really spiral out of control and present real-life mysteries as they’re presented right in front of our eyes. In one story, a whole collection of Corvette Forum users were trying to chase down a mysterious drag car and its story that surfaced when one man was going through his deceased friend’s garage, unearthing some pretty wild secrets.

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The car is none other than a 1970s Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. On the surface, these cars are classics but there is nothing all that rare about just another Stingray. Like its other Corvette generational brothers, these things were produced in pretty mass quantities and unless you had a special car with a special set of criteria behind it, they’re fairly common. However, as it turned out, this particular Corvette seems to have something going for it that wasn’t all that common at all. As the information continued to flow out about the car detailing several interesting facets like the idea that it was purchased in a special deal with General Motors, it all would just seem to get that much more mysterious.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get a little bit of a taste of what exactly is so rare about this racing machine that has since fallen through the hands of its original owner and into his friend’s. As the details on this one come out, you’re really left to wonder what exactly is going on here and if there will ever be a solution to the factors in play with this machine that seems to make this car incredibly special beyond all of the other Corvettes of its generation.

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