When This Happens, You Need to Sell Your Car and Buy a New One

Internet mechanic and automotive adviser Scotty Kilmer is back with another video to ...

Internet mechanic and automotive adviser Scotty Kilmer is back with another video to help his fans figure out the best plan of action for their car. This video is all about knowing when to hold ‘em, and when to fold ‘em. Of course, we are talking about that point in time that comes when it’s cheaper, or more rational, to stop making repairs on your current car and sell it for an upgrade.

This point comes for all cars, when the cost of the repairs is equivalent to a large percentage of the car’s actual value and it just makes sense to sell the car as-is and buy something that’s in better shape. While it may cost a little more at the time, the maintenance cost savings should prove this to be the smarter move, although we all know buying used cars  which is Scotty’s advice – is a bit of a crap shoot. However, playing the odds should work out in your favor more often than not.

So how do you decide when it’s time to sell? Well that’s what Scotty is talking about in the video below. He walks you through the advice he gives his customers to help them decide when the time has come and he’s sharing that with all of us as well. The first thing to consider is the engine. If your car is at the point that it burns a lot of oil or smokes constantly, it’s probably time for a costly overhaul or engine swap. But if the cost of those repairs or a new engine is more than the car itself is worth, then you’re basically throwing money away because if you do decide to sell the car later, you’ve spent more money than you will be able to recoup.

Scotty dives into several other factors that will help you decide if it’s time to sell or keep making repairs, delivered in his trademark style that has made him one of the most popular auto repair channels on YouTube.

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