When You Can’t Wait For The Track So You Roast Your Tires on the Trailer!

Sometimes, when that need for speed hits you, well, it just hits you. In this one, it ...

Sometimes, when that need for speed hits you, well, it just hits you. In this one, it looks like the owner of this particular car had that need for speed and they couldn’t wait until they got to the track, so instead, they decided that they would do a little bit of a pregame on their own trailer on the way to the track. In this one, we watch as a van in motion with a race car on the trailer is simply rolling down the roadway, when all of a sudden, the person behind the wheel of the car on the trailer begins to let loose, completely shredding the tires in a moving smoke show that is unlike any that we have ever seen before.

Is this dangerous? Probably. Would we recommend that you try this one at home for yourself? Definitely not! However, this video is way too good to pass up as we watch quite the insane smoke display unfold as this rig rolls down the highway, making quite the sideshow along the way. If going viral on the web was the original intention behind this display, but we would say “mission accomplished” because this is one of the better videos that we have seen this week. It’s most certainly something that, when you hear about, you’ve definitely got to see for yourself.

Check out the display of pure insanity down in the video below and tell us what you think of this trailer burnout as they casually roll down the highway and kill some rubber in the process. This most certainly is anything but your conventional burnout but also gets the job done just as well. I’m just sitting here trying to imagine what would’ve happened if they got pulled over by the police while pulling this one off. How in the world would you even begin to explain that!?

Trailer Burnout

Well that's one way of doing it!

Posted by Toughest Cars on Sunday, September 17, 2017

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