When You Got The Extra Insurance On The Rental Truck and Find a Dirt Road…

I’m pretty sure we have all been tempted to try this, but usually back out when it ...

I’m pretty sure we have all been tempted to try this, but usually back out when it comes time to actually put a rental through the paces and beat it to death, we usually end up taking it easy. However, some folks, like the guy behind the wheel of the Tahoe in the video below, just go right ahead and do their best to destroy the rent-a-ride.

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This guy clearly had a plan, since he made sure there was a camera guy in place to capture the carnage. After the camera starts rolling, the drive gives the Tahoe all it’s got through the deep and bumpy mud holes. It just looks like some good, dirty fun at first, with the big SUV slinging dirt and mud as it plows ahead. However, things take a bit of a turn when the mud holes go from playful puddles to crunching craters. The Tahoe hits one puddle and bounces the front end into the air, then slams into the second one and literally looks to lift all four wheels into the air, catching some real air before bottoming out with a sickening crunch.The driver doesn’t really seem to care, though. He just keeps the throttle down and sends a wall of mud flying while the camera man laughs at the damage bottoming out had to do to the SUV.

We certainly can’t recommend taking your SUV, rental or not, through mud holes like this, as there is almost definitely damage to the bottom side of this one after these escapades in offroading. However, if you do decide to grab a rental and try to kill, we do have to suggest you get that on video. We’re not saying we’ll share it, but we’ll probably laugh at you when we see it! For the rest of you like us, who always do the responsible, adult thing, keep representing the mature crowd and leave this foolishness to those who don’t have a care in the world.

When you got the extra insurance on the rental 🙂

Posted by Fullsize Chevy Trucks on Monday, July 31, 2017

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