When You Really Are as Good as You’ve Been Telling People… Serious Monster Truck Skills

Throughout all sports, there are the occasional stars that transcend the boundaries ...

Throughout all sports, there are the occasional stars that transcend the boundaries of their individual sports and reach the general audience. Michael Jordan, starred in Space Jam and launched the highly successful Jordan brand. Peyton Manning hosted one of the funniest episodes of Saturday Night Live I’ve ever personally seen and has become a sought-after spokesman for several national ad campaigns. Everybody knows who Hulk Hogan and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are.

The world of Monster Truck racing and freestyling has a couple of transcendent stars as well. There was the original Bigfoot, the monster truck that started it all that most people automatically associate with the term “Monster truck”, and there’s Gravedigger. When Dennis Anderson introduced the Gravedigger back when I was just a kid, he changed the game. The truck looked different, and Dennis drove it differently. No longer was the show just about smashing cars, Dennis made it clear he was willing to destroy ‘Digger too, if that’s what it took to get the fans on their feet.

As time went one, the truck’s reputation grew and began to reach beyond the die-hard monster truck fans, racing into the mainstream thanks to it’s wicked cool look and Anderson’s balls-to-the-wall driving style. Over the past couple of decades, the ‘Digger became so popular that there are now as many as three individual trucks competing across the nation at the same time, driven by Anderson and his kids. Dennis retired but left the three trucks in the hands of his children, and one of his sons decided to play off the dynamic and built Son Uva Digger, a nearly identical truck with a blue and white color scheme and the same edge-of-control approach to every single freestyle session. Sit back and watch as Ryan Anderson pulls out from the sidelines beside the OG Gravedigger and puts on an insane show for the fans in this freestyle run that features a little bit of everything!

Now That's How You Monster Truck

When you really are as good as you've been telling people…

Posted by Break on Sunday, November 12, 2017

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