When You Take Your Love to Extreme Limits You Get Lifelong Memories, Terrifying Memories

Guys, pay attention, because, while it might not be the biggest deal in the world to ...

Guys, pay attention, because, while it might not be the biggest deal in the world to you and simply committing your life to somebody is enough to really tip the scales for you, odds are that your lady has had her proposal day planned out in some capacity in her head or is putting together ideas of how she thinks you’re going to pop the question. In other words, in a lot of situations, it’s a huge deal to her. Even if it isn’t the biggest thing in the world for your special someone, you still want to do all that you can to make it a memorable day and to make them feel special because that’s what it’s all about, right?

Now, in a situation like this, you want to make it as personal as possible and for this couple who appears to have an affinity for flying, well, this fiancé to be definitely made it something memorable for his future wife. In fact, this may be about the most terrifying proposal video that I have personally ever seen. When she begins to cry, we wouldn’t be shocked if she were to tell us that she was crying half tears of joy and half tears because she was scared s***less. When you see exactly how it all unfolded, you’ll definitely understand why she might have been just a little bit on edge about this proposal.

As you follow along with the video below, you’ll watch as the poor unsuspecting girl in the passenger seat slowly begins to feel like something’s up as her then boyfriend would ask her to begin to start reading him the directions for what to if you’re beginning to lose power to the craft, meaning that they’re about to come down for some sort of crash landing. However, as she continues to go through the steps, eventually, she starts to see exactly what his plan was up there in the sky. After getting a peek at this one, be sure to tell us how you think this one ranks up there with some of the other proposal videos that we have featured here on Speed Society.

Some choose a romantic dinner, others prefer an extreme experience! <3Credit: storyful

Posted by Viralized on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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