When you think you’ve seen it all, how about a 10 second Smartcar?!?!

What it comes to the different creative builds that you can see out of motorheads ...

What it comes to the different creative builds that you can see out of motorheads from around the world, they really never cease to amaze us! No matter what the forum, it really seems like people are able to come up with some pretty intense creations and make them work across all sorts of different platforms.

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Even with something like a golf cart, for example, you really never know what’s going to come out next and really surprise Just about everybody who lays eyes on it. However, with enough persistence and dedication along with a little bit of know-how and potentially a decent budget, anything is really possible.

This time, we find ourselves on the outer bounds of the realm of possibility with a machine that might just make you raise an eyebrow when you take a look at it. First of all, the fact that something like a Smart Car has a wheelie bar on it is enough to make you drop what you’re doing and watch this thing as it goes to work. However, a poorly executed build wouldn’t really be all that special.

In this particular situation, though, we fortunately get the opportunity to see a build that comes through with flying colors, taking what most would perceive to be their rendition of a fast Smart Car and bringing it to life in physical form.

If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll be able to join in on what exactly a 10-second Smart Car looks like. This is something that everybody should experience once in their lifetime because, to be honest, this thing is enough to put a smile on pretty much anybody’s face! After seeing something like this, you really have to wonder what other creative vehicles are out there that just simply have not been discovered yet.

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