When You Want A Dually But Don’t Have The Budget For One…

I can’t help but agree with the acronym on the back window of this Chevy pickup. The ...

I can’t help but agree with the acronym on the back window of this Chevy pickup. The most common use of “FFS” translates to “For F**ks Sake” and that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this. I can’t help but hope this is just a joke, something this guy came up with while drinking with his buddies on a weekend afternoon and not something he seriously though would work.

If you remember, we shared a video of a guy who made his lawnmower into a dually setup using nothing more than all thread rod and some nuts to bolt another set of rear wheels to the current wheels on his lawn tractor. For something like a lawnmower, that is kind of cool, because there is no such thing as a dual-wheeled mower and why not be different when you have the opportunity.

There is a such thing as dually pickups, and turning your single-wheeled Silverado into one using what looks like the same method, or possibly heavy duty wire ties based on how quickly they give up the ghost, is just plain silly.

If this guy was just cutting up and having some fun, that’s one thing, but knowing how some guys get when their buddies push them to try something they all know is a terrible idea could easily result in this guy thinking this might actually work.

It doesn’t work, needless to say, and the extra wheels separate themselves as soon as there is any appreciable stress put on them, but at least the guy behind the wheel had the good sense to test them out away from traffic so they didn’t come off going down the road and end up wrecking somebody else’s car when they decided to go their own way.

I hope this doesn’t become a trend, but I’m afraid it will if more guys seen this video and start looking for ways to make this actually work. I hope they at least have the good sense to find some dually fenders to cover part of this ridiculousness instead of leaving them hanging out there like this, because this looks downright silly!


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