When Your Nerdy Uber Driver is Secretly a Badass!

With technology like Uber coming to the forefront of our personal lives, allowing us ...

With technology like Uber coming to the forefront of our personal lives, allowing us to basically have an on-demand taxi anytime, anywhere, we really have a lot of convenience at our fingertips. However, when you hop into a car with a stranger, you will never really know exactly who you’re going to get until you’re there, whether you’re a driver or a passenger. Now, this might be a little bit threatening on the surface but, when you break it down and think about it, it could also be pretty exciting. Just think about it. Where else are you going to get to be one-on-one with somebody and meet new friends without any kind of that awkwardness that sometimes comes about?

While we have heard stories of people who have had unfortunately negative Uber experiences, dealing with violent people and over-the-top drunks, this time, we check in with an experience that was rather pleasant for this unsuspecting group of riders who ran into a rapper who went undercover as a nerd to show off his abilities. You see, these days, many will argue that it takes a lot more than being good at what you do to make an impact. Some will say that you need to come up with a viral idea like this to really put you over-the-top.

Check out the video below as this quick rapping nerd really brings his abilities to life, showing these Uber riders a great time as he finds a way to showcase his talent and make himself go viral. From the looks of things, with the tens of millions of views that this video has already stacked up, we would say that this is at least a really big step in the direction of the rapping career of this young man’s dreams! Be sure to drop a comment and tell us what you think of this undercover musician who really makes himself stand out from the crowd all with the use of Uber and a camera.


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