Where Does the Oil Go? First Timer Problems

Where Does the Oil Go? First Timer Problems⬇️collect your $50,000 in Ca$H! ⬇️⬆️Or ...

Where Does the Oil Go? First Timer Problems

⬇️collect your $50,000 in Ca$H! ⬇️
⬆️Or this 1000hp Camaro, click image ⬆️

We’ve all had to learn how to work on cars at one point or another, but personally, I didn’t have anybody there to film the majority of my embarrassing moments, thankfully.

When learning to add oil to her boyfriend’s Dodge Neon, things almost went painfully hilarious when she was about to attempt to put the oil in the dipstick hole.

All while she’s attempting to get the job done, her boyfriend is filming her, thinking it would make for a good laugh, but after pointing out that she’s “seen [him] do it a bunch of times,” maybe he’s the butt of the joke here.

Check out the video below that shows off a little bit of fun while learning to work on this oil starved Neon. Who else messes with their significant other like this?

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