Where Ships Go to Die, Workers Risk Everything

Here in the United States, we truly have a land of opportunity where your ceiling is ...

Here in the United States, we truly have a land of opportunity where your ceiling is defined only by how hard you’re willing to work and how many hours that you can dedicate to molding your future.

However, in places like Bangladesh, these same opportunities might not exist as people are left to do nothing except for the low waged jobs at hand.

With the cheap labor and lack of environmental standards, Bangladesh is a prime destination for the task of ship breaking, that is taking old ships that are ready to be retired and deconstructing them to the point where the materials can be either destroyed or recycled.

Take a walk inside of the living hell that is ship breaking as National Geographic explores one of the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs to ever hit the shores.

While there are people out there pushing for progress in this sector, the way that it currently sits is far less than livable and with the ever growing international trade, it’s something that needs to make progress as soon as possible!



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