White Van Scam, Caught in the Act Selling Junk Speakers, Scammer Gets Physical

Every once in a blue moon, depending on where you are, you’ll be approached by ...

Every once in a blue moon, depending on where you are, you’ll be approached by someone who is looking to sell you something. One of the most notable of these scams revolves around audio equipment. Basically, how it works is someone will approach you with some sort of story about how they became overstocked or about how their customer bailed out on them and how you, for being in the right place at the right time, could get your hands on these speakers that are supposed to be so great, at a fraction of the price, only to get home and find out that you ended up paying beyond top dollar for a set of cheap Chinese speakers or even a set of speakers that might not function at all!

This time, we check out a situation that has a man approached with just this scam but unfortunately for the scammer in question, he just so happened to try to pull one over on someone who was completely familiar with the industry, a self-described audiophile or a person who just so happens to collect audio equipment who would then proceed to rip the scam, limb from limb, telling the scammers exactly how he knows what they really have and how he’s on to their little scheme, a scheme that’s even complete with phony eBay ads that are designed to trick the potential victim.

Check out the video below as the scammer ends up getting pretty hot-headed when he’s unable to trick his potential victim into shelling out his hard earned cash on junk speakers. At one point, he even goes so far as name calling and trying to fight the man for calling him out. If there’s one way that you don’t want to run your scam, this is definitely it! You’ve got to love seeing this fast-talking sheister called out for the dirty person that he is! There’s nothing like seeing someone who is willing to pull a fast one on an honest person put on the spot.

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