Who Says Harleys Can’t Ride in the Dirt? Hits The Berm Wide Open!

Sure, you might’ve been under the impression that a Harley-style motorcycle ...

Sure, you might’ve been under the impression that a Harley-style motorcycle might only be made to cruise around on the pavement, but this guy had a whole different idea and he didn’t hesitate to get out there and put that idea to the test even if it meant taking on a couple of bumps and bruises. The result is something that you’re really going to want to tune in and watch because the way that this guy pushes this bike is nothing short of insane for such a heavy machine being wheeled in the dirt.

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Pretty much everything that you ever thought about the style of bike is thrown straight out of the window as this brave rider gets his skid steer and punches out a couple of ramps, leaving it up to how much he’s ready to lay into the throttle to determine what happens next. Let’s just say that this guy looks to be about fearless and he’s going all out for that adrenaline rush in a different way than we would normally expect to see in the dirt.

Check out the video below as this guy goes above and beyond with the aim of throwing the Harley around as hard as he possibly can. For the pure Harley lovers, this might make them cringe but for most of everyone else, you might want to grab some popcorn because this one gets a little bit interesting. I know that some of the movements pictured here most certainly had to hurt as he was bouncing around on a bike that probably has almost no suspension.


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