Why Doesn’t Ford Make a Corvette Competitor?

Whenever you look across the automotive community in pretty much any place, whether ...

Whenever you look across the automotive community in pretty much any place, whether it be some sort of online community like the comments on Facebook or even a couple of buddies hanging around in the garage, sharing a cold drink, you will find that people go back and forth all day about which kind of car is better than the other. Sure, there will be people who are on one side of the coin in reference to if they prefer Chevrolet or Ford and those people may argue back and forth for hours about this and that but one thing that stands out like a sore thumb and is something that should be agreed on in the odd concept that Ford never really came out with a Chevrolet Corvette competitor.

Hold on! I can already stop you in your tracks with what you’re thinking. I get the feeling that you’re either leaning toward the Shelby GT500 or Ford GT as a direct competitor for Chevrolet’s flagship performance machine. However, no one matter what where you slice it, there is some differentiating factor that takes them out of the class of the Corvette. With the physical heavyweight status of the Mustang that compares to something more the Camaro’s speed or the insane price tag of something like the GT, worlds beyond even the most expensive Corvette, there isn’t really a moderately priced sports car with performance matching a Corvette that exists in the world of Ford but there very well could be and almost was!

Why did Ford never take an engine like the coyote and stick it into a car that’s priced somewhere between a well optioned out Mustang and the outrageously priced Ford GT? Well, they very well could have if it weren’t for a few decisions that would take the path of Ford competition with a Corvette and rerouted it in different directions. It’s pretty interesting as Donut Media takes the path of how exactly Ford has developed certain models and how they could’ve competed with the Corvette but never really did.

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