Why in the World Did a Cop Pull This Guy Over on a Racetrack?

When it comes to those who find themselves behind the wheel of a performance-oriented ...

When it comes to those who find themselves behind the wheel of a performance-oriented vehicle, there’s always a constant internal battle that’s going back and forth between having fun on the streets or saving it for the race track. When you’re driving down the highway, sometimes, it can be hard to not lay into the throttle and have a little bit of fun with the car that you spent all that money on, however, you have to remember that there’s potentially a police officer waiting down the road pull you over.

When you take the fun to the race track, you’re suddenly sheltered from the police as obviously, it’s a privately owned piece of land and you can take your cars as fast as you want, or at least you thought. As it turns out, we have a run in with a story in which the driver of a Porsche is unlucky enough to manage to head out to a race track for a Porsche event and get pulled over by the police still. If it sounds like an unlikely story, that’s because it definitely is but the punchline here is one that you have to hear all about because you’ll be laughing at this little bit of misfortune.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll learn all about the awkward moment that would have the man behind the VINWiki YouTube channel taking a hot lap around the track at just the wrong time before being pulled over by a police officer on the race track. If you want to talk about bad luck, this is definitely that story because I’m not sure how many people would be able to say that they have managed to get themselves pulled over while on the track.

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