Why is this Cop Driving 100+MPH in the WRONG Direction?

UPDATE 7/18 (2:25 pm): Channel 11 Eyewitness news in North Carolina reported that ...

UPDATE 7/18 (2:25 pm): Channel 11 Eyewitness news in North Carolina reported that “The Highway Patrol announced Tuesday afternoon that Trooper T.J. Williamson has submitted his resignation effective immediately.” “Seven people were charged in connection with the street racing.Troopers seized five BMWs last Sunday after motorists called to report a group of people blocked traffic to race along U.S. Highway 321 in Catawba County.”

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In this day and age, the police are under constant scrutiny. It’s not really a situation that’s a good one to be a part of and we most certainly wish that it didn’t have to be that way but with some of the bad apples mixed in the bunch and the videos that pop up thanks to the widespread reach of social media these days, just so happens that some people have a distrust for police officers. It’s videos like this that really make you question what some of them are thinking when they go out there on patrol and end up chasing down one of the bad guys with methods like this. There’s a certain point in time during every chase where you just have to call it off for the benefit of the greater good and a good officer will have that instinct built in.


This time, thanks to a video uploaded by Clifton Caudle of North Carolina, we get the opportunity to see what happened when a couple of BMWs¬†were reported street racing and this officer was ready and determined to go and lock them away! In the footage we see the officer barreling down the road at what has been described as “over 100 mph” on his way to the scene of the reports.

Don’t get me wrong, this article definitely isn’t to defend those racers because it’s definitely something that is illegal but, I would have to think that hurling a Dodge Charger the wrong way in traffic at over 100 mph wouldn’t necessarily be the way to handle a situation like this, either. Follow along down in the video below as a car going the incorrect way on the highway follows this police cruiser and is barely able to keep up as the machine fades off into the distance. Afterward, be sure to chime in with what you think of this high-speed chase that ended up getting rather dangerous.

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