Why UPS Trucks Don’t Make Left Turns

To one person, doing small little things to save money might never add up. For ...

To one person, doing small little things to save money might never add up. For example, for your daily driver, making all right-hand turns wouldn’t make too much sense. Sure, you might save a little bit on gas but with all the time that you’re spending to go above and beyond to not make a left turn, you could end up wasting a lot more of your precious hours that are worth more than the couple of bucks you can save gas money. However, if you’re operating a business with hundreds or even thousands of employees, it might be a good idea to start thinking about these tiny little money savers because across the board, they could definitely add up to a nice chunk of change that could really improve your bottom line with a minimal effort.

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As it turns out, UPS found a quirk in the system that doesn’t seem to make much sense at first but when you take a harder look at it and see how much money it’s really saving them, you can’t help but agree with the way that they’ve decided to operate their business. I guess that somebody decided to measure the efficiency of right and left turns and, as a result of removing as many left turns as possible from their routes, UPS has effectively saved on gas and eliminated many accident provoking situations. It seems to be a crazy idea but, when it comes down to it it just plain works.

Follow along with the video below that will lay out the entire scheme for you to give you a better idea of how something this simple that doesn’t seem like it would ever work ends up saving the company big time. With money saving tips like this, it’s definitely worth it to exercise every last avenue, even if it seems like something that is beyond logic.

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