Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate – INSANE High Speed Save!

Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate – INSANE High Speed Save!* win this 1100hp ...

Why You Shouldn’t Tailgate – INSANE High Speed Save!

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Tailgating will always be a bad idea. Outside of releasing some of that rage, that you’ll realize is stupid later on, what does it really accomplish?

Well, as this driver in Russia sees, it can put you in a great amount of danger, even if the car that you’re tailgating doesn’t come to a stop!

When riding too closely behind this truck that the driver can’t see around, the truck suddenly changes lanes and what’s on the other side almost caused catastrophe.

Check out the dashcam video below as the truck slides over to reveal another truck that’s at a dead stop. Luckily, some quick thinking allows the camera car to get out of danger, but maybe next time he’ll leave a bit more space to react.

It’s an odd situation of road rage as this car attempts to push a taxi out of the way!


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