Wicked Sub 10-Second Rotary Powered BEASTS

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Rotaries Can Do it Too!!

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Wicked Sub 10-Second Rotary Powered BEASTS

Before you watch lets give you some Rotary Knowledge!

“A rotary engine is essentially a standard Otto cycle engine, but instead of having a fixed cylinder block with rotating crankshaft as with a conventional radial engine, the crankshaft remains stationary and the entire cylinder block rotates around it. In the most common form, the crankshaft was fixed solidly to the airframe, and the propeller was simply bolted onto the front of the crankcase.


Three key factors contributed to the rotary engine’s success at the time

Smooth running : Rotaries delivered power very smoothly because (relative to the engine mounting point) there are no reciprocating parts, and the relatively large rotating mass of the cylinders acted as a flywheel.

Weight advantage : many conventional engines had to have heavy flywheels added to smooth out power impulses and reduce vibration. Rotary engines gained a substantial power-to-weight ratio advantage by having no need for an added flywheel.

Improved cooling : when the engine was running the rotating cylinder block created its own fast-moving cooling airflow, even with the aircraft at rest.

For those with ADD here is a photo Courtesy of Speedhunters.com…


Most rotary engines were arranged with the cylinders pointing outwards from a single crankshaft, in the same general form as a radial, but there were also rotary boxer engines[3] and even one-cylinder rotaries.

Like radial engines, rotaries were generally built with an odd number of cylinders (usually either 7 or 9), so that a consistent every-other-piston firing order could be maintained, to provide smooth running. Rotary engines with an even number of cylinders were mostly of the “two row” type.”

Now that is all done, Enjoy Some Badass Rotaries flying down the track!

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