Wild Vertical Takeoff Makes Us Want To Ride With This Pilot!

Normally, when you see airplanes out there doing all kinds of wild maneuvers, they ...

Normally, when you see airplanes out there doing all kinds of wild maneuvers, they are smaller crafts that put their agility on display, ripping around in the air effortlessly, or so it would seem, as they twist and turn in every which way to show off exactly what they’re capable of. This time, however, we check out something a little bit different as a commercial airliner tries out the same thing, lifting off in the air and doing all kinds of wild maneuvers as it manages to go nearly vertical. In a smaller craft, I don’t think that this would be a big deal but, when you look at the size of this monster, it really makes your heart skip a beat.

This Airbus A350 puts on a display that shows that you don’t have to be small in order to carry out these kinds of maneuvers in the air. As we watch this massive machine carve its way through the sky, you manage to get a little bit of vertigo as the plane makes its way further vertical and to goes all out in a way that the average onlookers might not believe that it actually is. It makes you wonder if the people in the air are feeling the motion as much as the people on the ground are seeing it as this plane absolutely throws down in the air, making the pilot go above and beyond in the pursuit of amazing.

Follow along with the video below that captures the entire thing from the ground, giving you a unique perspective on aircraft that not too many will get to see. After being a witness to how this monster aircraft contorts itself in the sky, be sure to tell us what you think of this takeoff that might just give you an entirely new point of view on how these types of monsters operate.

I wonder what the passengers were thinking during this 😮


Posted by Believe on Monday, October 16, 2017

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