Will This Raptor Survive a Sand Dune Jump? (Driver Panics Mid Flight)

One of the things that you might have to consider when purchasing your very own ...

One of the things that you might have to consider when purchasing your very own secondhand Ford Raptor is how the owner before you treated the truck. Now, the platform is designed with a more aggressive driving style in mind, however, I think that most would agree that it’s still primarily a roadworthy vehicle that maybe can be taken off-road every once in a while but certainly not something that you’re going to take to the sand dunes and start jumping into the air. Whenever you do something like that, you’re basically just asking to break parts when you come down, even with something like the Raptor that’s a little bit more aggressive.

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This time, we check out a situation that is every secondhand Raptor buyer’s worst nightmare as one of these trucks approaches a dune at the Silverlake Sand Dunes. As we would eventually see, the driver wasn’t backing down here as he lays into the throttle and pins it to the ground, getting up a head of steam before taking off over the dune and launching into the air before coming down incredibly hard after the truck ended up nosing over while airborne. I guess that the nose weight due to the engine placement ended up altering this truck’s trajectory and, as such, it came down incredibly awkwardly.

Now, the driver did walk away and the truck was able to drive away but we would venture to think that he probably took a moment after that showing to stop and reevaluate everything, making sure that all the components were still in place and that he still had his bearings about him before he went on to drive the truck any further. You can bet your bottom dollar that, while it didn’t hurt anything, because it came that hard, it probably shook this guy up just a little bit and more than likely had him concerned as to what just happened to his truck.

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