Will You Survive? Watch an Ambulance Speeding Through Busy Brazilian Roads

We’ve all encountered emergency vehicles on the road, screaming past with ...

We’ve all encountered emergency vehicles on the road, screaming past with sirens wailing and lights flashing as the race to whatever emergency call they’re en route to. Rarely, however, do we get to see this perspective, an on-board view from an ambulance racing through periods of heavy traffic to get to it’s destination.

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The driver breaks out some insane maneuvers to weave through stalled traffic and hits some pretty impressive top speeds when the roadway is clear. The driver even splits lanes a couple of times when inconsiderate motorists fail to move aside and let him pass. He finally arrives at the scene of a motorcycle crash to deliver first aid and transportation to the crash victim.

This is definitely some solid driving from the medics piloting this ambulance, shaving minutes off of the drive to the scene that could have been the difference in life or death for the crash victim. Impressive, indeed!

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