Woman Trips on Starting Line, Causing DQ in Pro Fuel Nitro Harley Race

On the drag strip, there is certainly a lot of movement going on even before a race ...

On the drag strip, there is certainly a lot of movement going on even before a race begins. When things begin to get more serious you might have a crew on the line to help you out when you do your burnout and try to get it lined up in the groove for optimal traction along with any last second adjustments that might need to be done to your vehicle before taking off. This time, it just so happened that a Pro Fuel Nitro Harley racer would pull up to the line to make a pass and his crew member would end up tripping which would get him disqualified.

We follow the dynamic duo to the starting line as the Pro Fuel Nitro Harley machine has a bye run, meaning that basically all he has to do is stage the motorcycle and roll through the starting beams in order to get the victory. However, as it turns out, technical difficulties along with little bit of communication breakdown end up taking this pass on a wild plot twist that nobody had seen coming and you really can’t help but feel bad for the parties involved here as it was really nothing but a little bit of bad luck that would make this whole thing spiral out of control into quite the awkward situation.

If you follow down in the video below, you’ll be able to join in on this bye run as the driver says that he’s just going to break the beams because he has a little bit of a problem with his oil pressure. However, as he accidentally hit the fuel cut off and his assistant ends up falling on the starting line, tripping and causing the whole ordeal to stop, the simple task at hand is unable to be accomplished and the race is pretty much shot from there. Things happen in racing. Better luck next time!

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