Crazy Lady Won’t let Man Leave in His Truck… Why?

Folks, we can’t stress this enough: say no to drugs!* Click the image below and ...

Folks, we can’t stress this enough: say no to drugs!

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We have no idea what this woman is using, but she is clearly blitzed out of her mind, and she’s driving this man crazy! Despite his best efforts, the guy in the big white Ford cannot escape this woman’s tenacity, because even though she can’t seem to look straight ahead, she manages to run back to the front of his truck in the blink of an eye, before he can jump inside and head to work.

He even tries laying her down on the sidewalk and laying a few boxes over her, but she’s on her feet in an instant and back in front of his ride, his box fortress proving no match for her. The man finally puts the crazed woman inside what appears to be a nearby business and scampers to his truck, finally able to head off to his job while his tormentor seems to have finally been deterred from pursuing him.

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