Working Invisible Engine at the department of Automotive Technology

If you ever wondered what goes on inside an internal combustion engine, the ...

If you ever wondered what goes on inside an internal combustion engine, the Department of Automotive Technology at Santa Barbara City College has a very cool demonstration that gives you a great look at the internal workings of this small engine.

Constructed with a clear acrylic cylinder, this diminutive motor is perfect for showing prospective students the inner workings of an engine as they tour the campus. With curious minds gathered around, the instructor opens up the fuel supply and wraps a pull cord around the crankshaft pulley and lets it rip. The engine fires, but runs pretty rough, but with a little fine tuning, the engine falls into a nice rhythm and hums along as the students watch on.

It’s especially cool to see what happens when the higher speed of the engine combines with the relatively low¬†framerate of the phone used to make this video, creating some unexpected effects. Thank you to Ben Wilson who posted the clip on his self-titled YouTube channel. This is a cool concept brought to life and we love it!

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