Touring the World’s 5 Most Expensive/Fastest Private Jets

Among the assets that we have available to us in this life, time is by far the most ...

Among the assets that we have available to us in this life, time is by far the most valuable. While there are all sorts of different hustles out there with people looking to gain money, no matter how much money they make, nobody can buy a single second of time. However, there are different ways in which we can save time. Perhaps, when looking at something like a private jet, wealth actually can manage to buy time in an indirect way. It might sound like a crazy concept but hear us out for a second.

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For people who constantly have a busy schedule, purchasing something like a private jet could end up paying dividends. Sure, it’s cool to say that you have such a resource that allows you to fly anywhere in the world. However, the added benefit is perhaps a little bit more important. That benefit is the opportunity to multitask.

Instead of being confined to a small space on a commercial airliner, a private jet affords more possibilities. Perhaps, sleep can be made up on the plane. In turn, one can get done a bit more work while riding on a private jet. This way, things like meetings can be done in the sky instead of just wasting travel time.

Now, just like anything else that money can buy, private jets come different levels or tiers, if you will. Everything from how a private jet is powered all the way to the materials inside can be picked out. Obviously, for the more extravagant options, there’s going to have to be a little bit more money behind them. By following along with the video below, we get taken on a tour inside of the world’s five fastest and most expensive private jets. For those who are looking to stand out amongst those already traveling in style, this is a good place to start.

Perhaps there are some who want to go even further. In that case, maybe something like Drake’s Boeing 767, seen here, is a better way to tickle the fancy.

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