Worlds Fastest 2019 Corvette ZR1 Performs Exorcism On a Dodge Demon

Sometimes, and when you begin to dig into a new vehicle, you’ll find that ...

Sometimes, and when you begin to dig into a new vehicle, you’ll find that people claim the “World’s Fastest” version of a car. We find it to be quite interesting to see just how far a stock car can be taken in this day and age as it gets better and better. As the world of drag racing is experiencing some incredible machines coming to market that will hit the tracks around the country and show what they’ve got, it’s pretty wild watch just how quick cars will go in their stock form. We’re currently living in a world that we only could’ve dreamt of even as recently as five years ago and I have to say that it’s an incredibly exciting time for drag racing enthusiasts to be alive.

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This time, we check out a car the claims to be the fastest 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 in stock form outside of what looks to be a set of wheels and tires, having mustered up a super low 10-second pass, almost pounding into the 9s with a 10.12-second elapsed time as it made its way down the quarter and, as you probably guessed by now, trying to destroy the Corvette, in the other lane, is not other than the Dodge Demon, the car that has claimed mid 9-second passes stock and will do everything that it can in order to try and grab a tight hold on drag racing supremacy.

If you follow down a little below, you’ll watch this clash of the titans to see these cars go at one another and attempt to make their presence felt. No matter who you like in this race, I think that this is pretty much a win for us all because we’re getting to see some of the most amazing racing machines to have ever rolled off of the assembly line. Just imagine what another five years of progress is going to add to situations like these.

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