Worlds FIRST Powerglide C7 goes ROLL RACING! (vs Sketchy Vert)

As racing season really begins to get in the swing of things as the weather is ...

As racing season really begins to get in the swing of things as the weather is heating up and keeping tracks around the country packed with spectators, there are a lot of drivers and vehicles that are making noise as everyone is excited to see what new setups are going to be able to crank out.

One of those cars that seems to have been grabbing a lot of attention belongs to none other than Justin Keith, one of the founders of the Street Car Takeover events. Let’s just say that in the world of nearly endless Chevrolet Corvettes that you’ll find at the strip, Justin has really found a way to make this one stick out from the pack and it’s a joy to watch.

If you’ve been keeping up with the build, you know that this ProCharged C7 that has been dunked in an appealing shade of gray is the first C7 to ever receive a Powerglide transmission and it seems like the setup on the car is really doing it well as, from what we have seen so far, when Justin is behind the wheel, the machine is really packing a major punch as it uses all that power to the most of its advantage, rolling through those gears and getting it all down to the track in the most efficient way possible.

This time, the opposition is a vehicle that you might just recognize as it has quickly risen to become one of the most popular convertibles to have ever hit the racing scene in “Sketchy Vert.” If you’re not too familiar with the car, it has gathered its name because, well, that’s kind of self explanatory. The convertible makes a ton of power and is able to climb to insane speeds, which is sometimes accompanied by the rear end of that thing moving around an awful lot. At the end of the day, it’s a ton of fun to watch and we know that when it goes up against StangKilr, it’s going to be a heck of a race.

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