World’s Largest Truck in Action : Extreme Mining Dump Truck

There’s big, and then there’s this! The BelAz 75710 is literally the biggest truck in ...

There’s big, and then there’s this! The BelAz 75710 is literally the biggest truck in the world and it has the stats to back it up. Standing 27 feet tall, 32 feet wide and 68 feet in length, the truck is simply massive. It weighs in at almost 800,000 pounds empty, ten times the weight of your average loaded eighteen wheeler. The load it can carry is even heavier, tipping the scales at nearly a million pounds of payload.

Of course, it takes a ridiculous amount of power to move all of that mass, and the 75710 delivers in that department too. It has not one but two massive 16-cylinder diesel engines, each one cranking out 2,300 horsepower, giving the truck a total output of nearly 5,000 horsepower. The truck is all-wheel drive and features all wheel hydraulic steering, giving the the distinction of being able to turn around within it’s own length, something many trucks of smaller stature can’t claim. Of course, adding four wheel steering also added to the level of complexity of the truck, so it’s hard to say if that’s a positive aspect, but the tight turning radius has to be nice.

Top speed for the truck is a respectable 40 mph when unladen, and it can run fully loaded up a 10 degree incline at 25 MPH, more than fast enough to be moving nearly two million pounds of truck and payload. Of course, its not all great news, as the doubled tires – each of which likely cost in the tens of thousands of dollars – relatively shallow bed and complex propulsion system has cause concerns over operating efficiency and cost.

BelAz recently moved the production of the 75710 in a new factory in which it invested some $633 million dollars to increase the overall production capacity. The 75710 took the title of world’s largest truck when it supplanted the Caterpillar 797F in 2013. As of now, no company has plans of building a larger Ultra Class truck, so the title is likely to remain in the BelAz camp for quite some time.


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