World’s Worst Truck Driver Manages To Run Into Everything Trying To Back Up

Many times in the past and I assume many times again in the future, I’ve come to the ...

Many times in the past and I assume many times again in the future, I’ve come to the defense of those who drive a truck for a living. While they often draw the ire of the non-CDL’d pubic, these men and women are usually some of the most diligent, cautious drivers on the road and, comparatively speaking, are involved in far fewer crashes. They’re also trained to do their job and are usually all-around better drivers.

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And then, there’s this guy.

I’ve looked for a positive spin to put on this, but I’ve got nothing. This guy is just horrible, at least when it comes to backing up his rig. I’ve actually spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a rig with similar dimensions to a big rig back when I was racing, and I can tell you, it’s not that hard to back a big rig with a long trailer. In fact, most truckers will likely agree that the longer the trailer is, the easier it is to reverse with it.

This guy must not have gotten that memo, because he makes it look literally impossible. There’s a very real chance he’s just fed up and doesn’t want his job anymore, based on how terrible of a job he does trying to reverse into the dock so his trailer can be unloaded. I’ve watched this video several times now, even slowing it down to normal speed, to try to see if there is any legitimate reason for the driver to have such a hard time, and there simply are none. It’s a bit of an added bother trying to back between two trailers that are already parked, I’ll certainly concede that fact. And it looks like there might be another building or something in the distance that limits the room he has to pull up and get lined up with the dock, there is definitely room to get the job done because if there wasn’t, the other rigs wouldn’t be docked already.

That leaves only outright lack of skill, or sabotage. I know in many states, if you quit a job, you aren’t eligible for unemployment, you have to be fired. Maybe that’s the goal here?


When at first you don't succeed..

When at first you don't succeed..

Posted by Muscle Horsepower on Saturday, January 5, 2019

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