You Can Still be the Original Owner of This 1987 Buick GNX Grand National, if the Price is Right

While many people would argue that it’s probably not in your best interest to ...

While many people would argue that it’s probably not in your best interest to ever purchase a new vehicle, others would combat that idea with the thought that if you’re going to keep the car forever and never plan on selling it, well, it might be something that you want to look into. When vehicles end up having a low owner count, whether they be daily drivers or collector vehicles, it will almost always make them more appealing. The fewer owners a vehicle has had, the less chance that somebody has gotten their hands on it and fiddled with it to the point where something goes wrong.

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Today, you might look at cars from a couple of decades ago and wish that you had a chance to be the original owner of one. Now, since these cars have come and gone from assembly lines around America and the world, you no longer have the chance to be the original owner of any of these cars. However, if that really means something to you, there is a single Buick GNX that we know of that you can still have the opportunity to be the original owner of, however, it comes with a heavy price tag. Let’s just say that you really have to want to be the original owner of this car to pay that much.

Because, when this particular dealership got the car, the intense wave of people who were all riled up about the machine kind of settled down a little bit, it turns out that they never sold it for what they wanted to get for it. Therefore, it has just been hanging out, getting very few miles put on it as it has been moved around several times but never owned by anybody one person. Follow along in the video below that shows off the perfect GNX that will give one lucky buyer the opportunity to be the original owner of the car. At a $30,000 original price, that’s quite the markup.

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