You Could Live on a Racetrack for a Sum of $1.9 Million

If you don’t get it, we don’t really expect you to understand but as a ...

If you don’t get it, we don’t really expect you to understand but as a diehard car enthusiast, you really get the link with how tightly intertwined our lives have become with automobiles. People on the outside might not understand but for those of us who really get into the culture, we eat, sleep, and breathe performance.

That means that if there were a situation where we could potentially find ourselves living within a couple hundred feet of a race track with a massive garage, that would probably be like some sort of unrealistic Nirvana but for the folks that live at the Thermal Club, it’s not exactly a dream. Instead, it very much becomes a reality.

For most, the $1.9 million starting price probably isn’t one that they can afford, however, that doesn’t stop us from taking a peek and appreciating exactly what other people are able to make their reality as they have collections of cars that they’re able to beat on just seconds from their front door step. Afterward, maybe the best part is that they don’t have to haul their rear ends home but instead they’re able to just drive off the track and straight into their driveway. That could definitely take some of the struggle out of race day.

If you check out the video below, you’ll be able to see a slice of this community that can support up to 8 to 10 cars in some of the garages and the community even comes with it’s own repair shop, it’s own gas pumps, storage facility, and much more on site, ready to support your heaven filled with racing and adrenaline.

I’m not sure about you, but this looks like a lifetime goal for many of the auto enthusiasts that I know. I sure wouldn’t be opposed to this arrangement!

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