Video Shows “Young Thug’s” 10-Year-Old Daughter Driving on Public Road

People engage in dumb activities sometimes. We all do it but there’s definitely ...

People engage in dumb activities sometimes. We all do it but there’s definitely a spectrum to talk about there. Obviously, some of our dull moments are, well, duller than others. These days, it seems like people are willing to do even more brain-neutral activity in the name of social media fame. It can get a little bit dangerous. In these spots, it seems like creative thought sometimes goes out the window when there’s a camera around. This is how we end up with videos like this that raise all sorts of questions.

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Just to give everyone a little bit of background, pictured in the video is the daughter of rapper, Young Thug. Basically, the girl is 10-years-old and pictured behind the wheel of a car. Obviously, this is no place for such a young lady to be. It would take a pretty irresponsible line of thought to allow a child who can’t even see over the steering wheel behind said wheel on public roads.

Young Thug sounded off about the matter, saying “Never would I put my child’s life in danger nor anyone else’s life,i am out of town that video is clearly in Atlanta. I am a very safe man, especially when it come down to my kids. I am very smart, last thing I’m looking for is clout/fame I have both. Plus she wouldn’t dare even ask me could she drive a car… But it’ll be handled ‘expeditiously.

You people must get smarter then you are to think I’m anywhere near such a thing.”

Apparently, Thug wasn’t on the scene that day. He’s been deflecting all of the blame toward whoever was left to take care of his daughter. That could certainly be a reasonable reaction. He also took the time to tell us that he has plenty of clout and fame which we found just a touch odd.

We’re no childcare experts but it seems like he might need to revise the list of adults who his child is spending time with.

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