You’re in BIG Trouble – Double Parked Driver Blocks NYFD Firetruck, What was he Thinking?

Sometimes, you just have to look at somebody and shake your head. Sure, for this ...

Sometimes, you just have to look at somebody and shake your head. Sure, for this driver, he might’ve ended up with an unlikely situation in his lap that nobody could’ve ever predicted, however, the fact that he parked where he did in the first place was just plain rude to people around them, if you ask us. In the city, finding parking can be a real big pain in the rear end, however, parking in a heavily traveled area probably isn’t a good alternative to finding a decent spot to park, no matter how convenient the illegal spot might seem to be.

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This time, we see exactly why double parking is illegal and drivers aren’t allowed to, you know, completely clog up the middle of the street. It just so happened that when this driver decided to double park, he would inadvertently leave his vehicle in the way of an oncoming firetruck that had horns and sirens blazing as it was on its way to emergency! Sure, hindsight is 20/20 but even putting yourself in a position really seems to lack any kind of foresight at all. This time, it would just so happen to pan out in a little more serious situation.

All of this was captured on video as the van was left in the worst spot possible at the worst time possible and the person behind the camera didn’t seem very happy with the individual who had parked it there. The people in the comments are also calling for big fines and possibly even jail time for an offense like this. We aren’t the judge or the jury so we will let you sort out what kind of repercussions should be faced with a situation like this. We have no word on the emergency that the truck was trying to get to but hopefully, no ill effects came from this unlikely situation. Maybe next time, this driver will be a little bit more cautious, even when he thinks nobody is watching!

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