YouTuber Buys Hummer at Auction and it Turns Out That it’s Fake

The original Hummer H1 is a pretty interesting vehicle that doesn’t have many ...

The original Hummer H1 is a pretty interesting vehicle that doesn’t have many other comparable rides out there. Essentially, those behind the military spec ride decided that there should be a civilian version floating around. After all, what could go wrong if we handed over civilians the keys to something designed to handle war?

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As it turns out, over time, the original Hummer is a vehicle that has retained its value. According to our host, Westen Champlin, they tend to bring somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000, if you can find one to get your hands on. As it turns out, though, Champlin was looking for something little bit cheaper. This is when he ran into a vehicle that might’ve needed a little bit of work.

Outside, it was an H1 Hummer. However, he described it as “Not so nice” and mentioned the idea that it didn’t even run. With a little bit of TLC, though, it seemed like a vehicle that was very promising to be brought back to life. After all, what’s a good automotive YouTube channel without a couple of projects happening?

In this one, we follow along with the action as the crew heads to check out the Hummer. However, when they get there, things aren’t exactly as they seem. Outside, the vehicle looks the part of an original Hummer. However, as they dig deeper, things get a little bit fishy. In fact, eventually, we eventually come to the conclusion that maybe this isn’t a real Hummer at all.

So what exactly does a fake Hummer look like and why would somebody put one together? In this video, we dig into just that concept. At the end of the day, as with most used car situations, I think we have more questions than answers. There’s no denying that this knockoff Hummer is pretty interesting, though, even if it isn’t quite the same as the real deal.

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