YouTuber Explains Why He Likes Driving His Dodge Demon at Night

Different cars across the board provide different driving experiences, not only in ...

Different cars across the board provide different driving experiences, not only in their key factors like how fast they are or how well they handle but also smaller, more subtle things like the materials and little features inside of the car that really alter the driving experience, making you feel a certain sort of way. In some cars, these nuances can really bolster how the driving experience is handled. While some think that it’s all about going fast or having the gaudiest looking ride, sometimes, none of that can really compare.

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This time, we catch up with a Dodge Demon owner who has recently taken delivery in favor of his Dodge Challenger Hellcat and is already picking up on some features of the car the most and takes the time to explain exactly why he prefers to drive the car at night. He says that it’s the little things like the way that the steering wheel feels and the way that all of the lights in the interior illuminate, most prominently the red SRT badge on the steering wheel, that really wake the beast up in the PM hours, giving it a whole different experience than when you’d be driving it during the day.

Check out the video below that shows off what exactly it’s like to drive a Demon at night as we get a quick little spin along with an owner who is able to compare its ins and outs to the Hellcat to really give us a flavor of what exactly about this car really makes it worth all of that money that they usually will ask for it. After chasing down the Demon in the video below, be sure to tell us all about your initial impressions of the car and if you think that this thing is really the head turner that Dodge promised.

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