YouTuber Gives Guy With Cancer a Ride In His Lamborghini… Bucket List Ride!

No matter who you are or what you’re doing in life right now, odds are that you ...

No matter who you are or what you’re doing in life right now, odds are that you have something that you can contribute to somebody else. While being able to accomplish things for yourself does provide quite the feeling inside of you for having done something great, being able to do something for somebody else is certainly also quite the fulfilling feeling along with knowing that you’re really helping out. When you’re able to really see that you have changed somebody’s life or granted one of their wishes, it really helps to spread positivity throughout the world, even if the gesture is something small.

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This time, we check out the situation that is certainly no small gesture. One day, Damon fromĀ Daily Driven Exotics was scrolling through the inbox when he stumbled across a message that would truly stick out and made him want to do something nice for someone else. The message read a little something like this:

“Hello Damon,
I am writing to you because I am a big fan and I have a wish.
My friend of 5 years is in terminal phase of cancer and this will be his last Christmas. Kevin (my friend) lives in Winnipeg but he will be spending some time with his sister in Vancouver this Christmas season. His sister is the last one that he has in his family.
I know that DDE is not a charitable organization and probably get tons of request like this. I am just a friend trying to get my friend a bucket list item crossed off.
My name is Eric Jarry, I am a pilot for the Canadian Forces based in Southport Manitoba and I am trying to help a friend that will leave us soon.

Very respectfully,
Eric Jarry

Just being able to watch it all go down on camera really makes you want to go out there and do some good yourself. We have to give a big “hats off” to DDE and the crew over at Lamborghini Vancouver as they really came through in the clutch, granting the wish of supercars that we all have somewhere deep down inside of us.

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