YouTuber Has Build Quality Issues With His $145,000 ZR1…

When you order a car that costs $145,000, you expect it to arrive in perfect ...

When you order a car that costs $145,000, you expect it to arrive in perfect condition. However, it would seem there may be some issues with the carbon fiber parts included on Chevrolet’s new 2019 ZR1 Corvette. According to YouTuber Street Speed 717’s latest video, there are some fairly serious quality control “misses” with those particular pieces.

In the interest of what seems most fair to GM, I’m going to point out here that Chevrolet doesn’t actually manufacture the carbon fiber pieces it used in the production of the ZR1. While they clearly needed to do their homework on sourcing a supplier for their carbon fiber parts, at least the blame doesn’t lie entirely with Chevrolet. It is, however, up to GM to fix the problem, but we will have to wait and see how that is handled as the situation develops.

The carbon fiber snafu began with the car’s trick front splitter, which began to seemingly delaminate, a process where the clear resin coat covering the actual carbon fiber cloth begins to break down, and lose adhesion to the fiber weave. This not only leaves the part more susceptible to damage due to it being weaker than a properly-adhered piece, it is also visible without really having to look all that hard at the piece. Obviously, this is a pretty big problem and we can’t help but wonder now if all the ZR1’s are going to have this problem or if it’s an isolated incident.

As our video host points out, GM did work with him to get his car, including building him the only ZR1 with a manual transmission, so obviously he’s not looking to just trash GM on video over what does amount to a cosmetic flaw. It is, however, a flaw and we do hope to see GM step up and make it right. Other than this issue, we have to assume Street Speed is enjoying the car, considering he’s put over 2,200 miles on the car in just a few short weeks and has already burned through the first set of massive rear tires. Keep it up, we’re all living vicariously through you bro!

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