YouTuber Irate at Firefighter After Leaked Photos, 1 of 500 McLaren Senna Burning to the Ground

Upon the release of the McLaren Senna, I think that a lot of the exotic car community ...

Upon the release of the McLaren Senna, I think that a lot of the exotic car community was incredibly excited to see what this car would have coming for them once it finally hit the streets. There’s no denying that the car that was slated as basically a race car that was barely street legal from the company that has been doing such big things in the performance community would be a machine to keep an eye out for, after all. It was so exciting, in fact, that automotive YouTuber, Salomondrin claims that he paid $500,000 over the going price for one just a week or two ago based on his latest upload.

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For most of the 500 examples of the Senna, people have seemed to be happy with how the cars are performing for them. However, on a few occasions, there have been incidents that may have just taken these incredibly rare cars and brought them to the brink of being unrecognizable. For most vehicles, this would be something that’s not necessarily a big deal but when you consider the fact that there are only 500 ever made, you can see where this could be something that would take over the news.


“The car that clocks in at $1 million is one of McLaren’s latest creations in the Senna, a car that takes away any kind of form that they might have presented for street use and focuses mainly on performance. On this end of the spectrum, while this thing is still street legal, the 4.0L powerplant on board creates 789 hp and really leans towards the racecar side of things, essentially just providing the bare minimum to be driven on the street.”

Unfortunately, one of the most recent and most catastrophic examples on the record of one of these cars being destroyed would be that of Salomondrin. Apparently, the leak originally came from one of the responders to the scene of the fire to which Salomondrin publicly stated on Instagram that this incident that he sees as a sort of breach of professional conduct is like a “doctor mid surgery taking pics of you and leaking them.” I can’t say that I blame him for being unhappy with the leak, either.

As of now, we haven’t heard an official cause as to what happened here, but Salomondrin claims that he didn’t crash the vehicle. He has said though, that the video will be up on his website after insurance does their thing.

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