YouTuber Says: “The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Is Actually AMAZING”

YouTuber Parker Nierenstein has built his massive Vehicle Virgins channel over the ...

YouTuber Parker Nierenstein has built his massive Vehicle Virgins channel over the past six years or so thanks to his candid reviews of cars of all types. Parker started the channel to share his own learning experience as he dove into the world of automobiles, and as the channel evolved, people began to look to Vehicle Virgins to hear Nierenstein’s thoughts on any given vehicle.

While he’s hardly impossible to please, Parker does have a knack for finding something about most any car that he dislikes, or that he would at least like to see changed or refined. Today, that simply isn’t the case. While Parker has driven some of the fastest, most expensive and most well-built cars in the world, I am almost positive this is the first video of his I’ve seen where he has nothing negative to say about the car at all.

So what car is it, exactly, that’s earned all passing grades? That would be none other than Chevrolet’s all new 2019 ZR1, a car that we’ve certainly developed a fondness for here at Speed Society. Parker doesn’t have is own ZR1, so he does the next best thing and borrows one from friend and fellow YouTuber Mike from the StreetSpeed717 channel. We’ve seen Mike’s car already, as we followed along while the dealership assembled his car post-delivery and also touched on some minor issues with quality control with the carbon fiber parts on the car. Of course, those issues aren’t related to the car’s performance or driving experience, which is all Parker is worried about.

You’ll see as the video progresses, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, something that I’m just simply not used to from Parker. I can’t help but wonder if GM has really built the perfect car, a $120,000 rocket ship that has one of YouTube’s hardest-to-impress reviewers at a loss for negative feedback. That certainly seems to be the case. Check it out below for yourself and watch Parker fall in love with the ZR1 right before your eyes!

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