YouTuber Takes His 1000hp RACECAR to CarMax for an Appraisal

You can call it a “race car,” you can call it a street car, but no matter ...

You can call it a “race car,” you can call it a street car, but no matter what you want to call your racing machine, odds are that even though there is a difference in nomenclature here in the racing community, it’s going to look equally as much of a spaceship to someone working at CarMax. Therefore, it would be interesting to see exactly how a car built for drag racing, one complete with a roll cage and all sorts of go-fast parts that really makes it stand apart from all the other vehicles the Carmax probably sees on a daily basis, is able to appraise.

However, as is the trend right now, the car’s niche nature wouldn’t stop YouTuber, John Doc, from taking his purpose-built Chevrolet Camaro up to the local Carmax to see exactly what they would appraise it at. Now, in a variety of situations, it’s pretty common that we see that aftermarket modification isn’t too value friendly to CarMax. You have to remember, after all, that their goal is to flip this car over as quickly as possible and make money off of it. Therefore, it would naturally follow that these aftermarket modifications that really make the car appeal to a niche crowd would make it worth less money to the car selling giant.

If you follow along down video below, you’ll be able to see exactly how taking a vehicle like this to trade in might go. After watching a couple of these CarMax trade-in value videos, it naturally follows that if you have a vehicle that is heavily modified, it might be a good idea to avoid dealers and shop around for just the right buyer yourself, someone who is just as crazy as you to dump thousands upon thousands of dollars in to going fast. I just don’t think that a company like CarMax is really one that fits that bill too well.

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