YouTuber Takes His 800hp Lamborghini To Carmax For An Appraisal…

One of the trends among YouTubers is taking a rare or ultra-exotic high end car to ...

One of the trends among YouTubers is taking a rare or ultra-exotic high end car to CarMax for an appraisal to see what value the chain puts on these cars. The auto reseller claims they’ll buy any car, and for most of the general public, that’s true. However, they sometimes miss the mark on their appraisals when it comes to cars that aren’t Toyota Camrys.

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When Parker from Vehicle Virgins decided to get in on this fad, he decided to roll out in his bright green Lamborghini Huracan to see what the offer would be. Not to spoil the clip, but he comes away completely disappointed. Before he heads out, Parker gives us a walk around of the car, including the badass carbon fiber body kit and supercharger, an addition that pumps the horsepower output to 805 from the 602 ponies from the factory.

From there, we ride with Parker to the first CarMax, where he’s greeted with nothing but disappointment as he is unable to get any kind of estimate, or even a real discussion about the car. However, he does take Sebastian, one of the managers from that location, for a quick jaunt in the retina-searing rocket before leaving to try his luck at another CarMax lot. While the second location asked him not to film the interaction, Parker does sneak in a little footage here and there because that’s what you do if your life goes on YouTube. After going through the steps involved in getting a value for his car, Parker is again thwarted when CarMax decided against setting a dollar amount. Parker is understanding, as the chain does honor their appraisals with a guarantee to purchase the car for the valued amount up to 7 days after the value is determined, and without a large pool of data to use to derive a viable number, it was safer for them to just pass. This is a great informative video for anybody out there who has considered heading to CarMax for an appraisal, as long as you don’t own a rare or exotic car.

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