Zenvo ST1 Hyper Car Catches Fire On The Track!

Zenvo ST1 Hyper Car Catches Fire On The Track!* Click the image below and get entered ...

Zenvo ST1 Hyper Car Catches Fire On The Track!

* Click the image below and get entered today for free! *
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The Zenvo ST1, it’s a hypercar that’s so rare that there’s a good chance that you may have not even heard about it and that’s ok, you probably aren’t alone.

Let us tell you a bit about it. This car, that we find racing on the track is described as a “piece of art.” How much does this four-wheeled, rolling art set you back? Well, to get your hands on one here in the states, it’s going to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $1.8-million.

With that in mind, the owner of this particular Zenvo probably isn’t too happy about what happened to his as he was taking a few laps on the race track and the car combusted into a ball of flames!

Check out the carnage in the video below as the driver can do nothing but standby and wait as the fire crew rolls up to do their job. That is going to be one expensive fix.

This cop and biker call for one epic police chase.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.59.42 PM

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