Zenvo’s Brilliant Centripetal Wing Maximizes Grip

Just last week, we shared a video of the Zenvo TSR-S  and its insane “dancing” rear ...

Just last week, we shared a video of the Zenvo TSR-S  and its insane “dancing” rear wing. I questioned whether or not the company’s claim of increasing handling performance held water, and now know that the car’s massive articulating rear spoiler does in fact make the car handle better.

So how exactly to we now know that the claims are valid? The same reason we know most anything related to cars to be scientifically accurate: Jason at Engineering Explained says so! As always, Jason has taken to his trusty whiteboard and broken things down into chunks of information that we can digest and make sense of.

I’m not getting into the technical talk, that’s what Jason does best and he does it far better than I can, so just watch the video below for that information. I’m going to talk about one thing that I didn’t consider when I was making my “regular guy” assumptions about the car and that’s the fact that the wing not only adds downforce and helps with cornering, but also acts like an anti-roll bar. As pointed out near the end of the video, the high pivot point means the wing has a lot of leverage to push back against body roll, helping keep the car level through the corners. This also helps with handling and makes the car more comfortable to drive, especially when pushing it through the corners at a high rate of speed.

Jason does seem to low-key agree with me that the articulating wing does look a bit… unusual, but that’s probably because it’s so far outside the norm of what we are used to seeing that it will take some getting used to. However, especially after seeing this breakdown from Engineering Explained, there just may be several other automakers scrambling to put their own twist on a similar system.

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