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Grudge Match Winner

Sweepstakes No. 40

Jacob Brown

Jacob Brown is from Saint Paul, Minnesota. More information on our latest winner is coming soon.

Redeye 39 Winner

Sweepstakes No. 39

Joseph Booth

Joseph is from Rural Retrea, VA and won the Redeye F8 Fury Hellcat + $20,000 Cash Giveaway! He Took The $75,000 Cash Option.

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Demon SSG 38 Winner

Sweepstakes No. 38

Dennis Saunders

Dennis is from Yorktown, TX and won the White Knuckle Dodge Demon + $20,000 Cash!

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Track Legends Winner

Sweepstakes No. 37

Nick Varela

Nick is from Santa Cruz, New Mexico and had a choice between a decked out Porsche 911 or a brand new C8 Corvette.

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Forza Ghost Winner

Sweepstakes No. 36

Ivan Mills

Ivan is from Omaha, NE and won the Forza Ghost Charger + $20,000 Cash!

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