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How it Works

Every $1 Spent on your favorite products in the Speed Society Store gives you the allotted amount of automatic entries for the chance to WIN our current giveaway. All your entries are calculated realtime for you to see in your personal account dashboard during each giveaway.

How a Winner is Drawn

Once the giveaway ends, a federally regulated 3rd party sweepstakes agency conducts a computer randomized drawing and immediately provides us with the winner to announce live on Facebook & instagram.

Vision By Vengeance

We here at Speed Society make it our mission to give away the most intense, and reliable street machines possible. With each new giveaway, our aim is to blend together some of our favorite rides with the perfect modifications to take the already potent rides and really bring them to the next level for the Speed Society community

With that, we introduce SSG #35 and this one is special! On deck this time, we offer up the likes of a 2019 Cadillac CTS-V that blends power and luxury together seamlessly in the perfect proportions.

Pure Performance

Sure, this gorgeous ride lays down the law straight off of the assembly line but we took it upon ourselves to do a bit of upgrading as well.

One of the most important things about a performance application like this is that the faster the air can get in and out, the better. In order to facilitate, we start with a RotoFab Big Gulp intake to have the engine breathe better from the start. From there, the factory supercharger on the car is capable of big power, and to help it unlock that potential, we sent it off to Kong Performance so they could help to really get the most out of the unit. Lastly, air flows from the engine through American Racing headers and full exhaust. To top it all off, a set of Vengeance Racing valve covers, complete with VR's coil relocation kit really makes the engine bay come to life. This car is sharp outside, inside, and under the hood!


To help bring together these power-adding modifications, Elite Tuned Custom Calibration plugged in HP Tuners and got to work, making magic happen behind the keyboard to make sure each component works flawlessly with the next to deliver smooth and potent power.

Last but not least, we really make the car to life by sprinkling some visual enhancement in the mix. That was done with the likes of MOMO Anzio Wheels coated in satin black to really make this CTS - V pop!

SSG #35 is going to turn heads everywhere that it goes as the car looks, sounds, and performs the role of "show stopper."

Wheels & Partners

* Vengeance Racing
* HP tuners
* American Racing Headers
* Kong Performance
* Roto-Fab
* VP Racing Fuels
* Elite Tuned

Build Sheet

Corey Pulley

Sweepstakes No 34. Winner

Corey Pulley

Raleigh, NC

Prize Taken: Trackhawk + 20k Cash

Sweepstakes No. 34
Dekobe Lewis

Sweepstakes No 33. Winner

Dekobe Lewis

Yazoo, MS

Prize Taken: Hellcat + 20K Cash

Sweepstakes No. 33

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