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What is the Speed Society Car Club (SSCC)? What do you get for being a member, what are the benefits & value you receive?

We created the Speed Society Car Club in 2013 with one goal in mind! We wanted to unite like minded car enthusiasts from around the world into one club that represents all our passions within the automotive space. Whether you like hypercars, off-road, drag racing, muscle cars, JDM, etc. We are all car enthusiasts & this is your exclusive club!

SSCC has many benefits between our (2) membership levels: “Standard” or "Enthusiast”. Most notably are automatic entries (25 to 85) into our car giveaway every month. For “Enthusiast” members, we produce premium limited edition T-Shirts & Stickers for members only. They are exclusive pieces of art & streetwear, they only run for one month & are delivered to your door.

It’s really cool because we create a different theme for you every month, it's a fresh new story & unique art built just for you. They are extremely collectible, they are never to be produced again & you can’t ever buy them in a store! Some additional value you get as a member is 10% Off our entire store & free shipping on all purchases which is massive value.

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Remembering the legendary

The May limited edition release of Speed Society Car Club (SSCC25) is here! The theme of this month’s curated art design - “Legacy”,  is focused on the famous Nürburgring race track & its history. If there was ever one track that sets the bar for the ultimate proving ground of performance cars & racing drivers from the past to modern-day, that track is Nürburgring. Nicknamed “The Green Hell” for its death-defying turns through the lush green German countryside, the Nürburgring has hosted some of the most historic races & all-out battles from Formula 1, DTM, & 24 Hour Endurance racing.

Not a day goes by as an automotive enthusiast without hearing the words, what was the Ring Time? As the ultimate proving ground for high-performance sports car manufacturers like Porsche, Ford, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, Ferrari, & McLaren, the Nürburgring is used to set the lap records & outperform their competitors for bragging rights & sales.

The art design behind SSCC25 “Legacy” features the elaborate hand-drawn map of the Nürburgring laid over a photograph from the track. The color story comes directly from one of the most historic racing cars to ever race on Nürburgring, the Porsche 917K, painted in the globally recognizable orange & blue “Gulf” oil livery. The large white gumball design is inspired by the cars racing number featuring 25 to commemorate SSCC25. On the right arm, you will find the traditional SSCC25 limited edition hit. The left chest adorns the SSCC logo carrying over the “Gulf” livery color theme. Finishing off the piece is a ghost-white silhouette of the 917K Porsche on the lower right hip with the number 25. Every component of SSCC25 “Legacy” is designed to bring together motorsports & fashion into your daily lifestyle.

Thank you for being an SSCC Member & sharing your passion as a car enthusiast with all of us. We appreciate you & thank you for your support!

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Jordan Hansen

Sweepstakes No 28. Winner

Jordan Hansen

Richfield, UT

Prize Taken: Demon + $20k

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Noel Cila

Sweepstakes No 27. Winner

Noel Cila

Jacksonville, NC

Prize Taken: $50,000

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