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"Enthusiast" Members receive limited edition members only streetwear & merchandise plus tons of exclusive benefits every month.

Why join the car club?

What is the Speed Society Car Club (SSCC)? What do you get for being a member, what are the benefits & value you receive?

We created the Speed Society Car Club in 2013 with one goal in mind! We wanted to unite like minded car enthusiasts from around the world into one club that represents all our passions within the automotive space. Whether you like hypercars, off-road, drag racing, muscle cars, JDM, etc. We are all car enthusiasts & this is your exclusive club!

SSCC has many benefits between our (2) membership levels: “Standard” or "Enthusiast”. Most notably are automatic entries (25 to 85) into our car giveaway every month. For “Enthusiast” members, we produce premium limited edition T-Shirts & Stickers for members only. They are exclusive pieces of art & streetwear, they only run for one month & are delivered to your door.

It’s really cool because we create a different theme for you every month, it's a fresh new story & unique art built just for you. They are extremely collectible, they are never to be produced again & you can’t ever buy them in a store! Some additional value you get as a member is 10% Off our entire store & free shipping on all purchases which is massive value.

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It’s August, and you know what that means. SSCC28 is finally here! The name of this month’s limited edition release is “Polarizer”. The theme is based on being a disruptor, standing for what you believe in, and bringing your vision into focus to form greatness.At Speed Society, our goals and vision have always been to build the best automotive lifestyle brand on the planet. Shake up the entire industry, grow an untouchable car club community of enthusiasts, and bring streetwear and premium fashion to the car world we love so much.The art design process behind “Polarizer” is a unique one. We wanted this theme to not only represent Speed Society and our history of disrupting the industry but really to focus on representing each and every one of us and our passions in the car club today.We set out to create the graphic for the shirt with the intention of high fashion streetwear. We wanted to use a unique royal blue base with some monochromatic design elements throughout. The design language had to include reflective lines representing all of us, our own visions, individual automotive desires, projects, and then rotate the “Polarizer” to reveal a clear focused piece of art. We achieved this by building a repetitive multicolor street art-inspired “SPEED” stencil, then layering the reflective lines through the design. As you step away from the design, the lines all come together to form the perfect clear vision of art. We were adamant about representing the Car Club Members in the graphic, so we included a Worldwide Car Club callout and globe in addition to the Limited Edition #28 Member Exclusive. The front of the shirt features the SSCC logo in a monochromatic blue icon with orange text. On the right sleeve, we created a “Polarizer” icon representing all the reflective personalities of the car club from around the world and bringing them together to form our community for SSCC28.Speed Society has spent the past 8 years building the largest car enthusiast community and culture in the United States. We strive to bring you the best possible experience every single day. We couldn’t be more proud to be your Purveyors of the Finest Automotive Fashion & Culture!Thank you for being an SSCC Member and sharing your passion with us. We appreciate you and thank you for your support of the Speed Society Car Club.

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Standard Membership $10.95/mo

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  • (25) Automatic Entries every month to win the current giveaway
  • 10% off the entire speed society store
  • access to the "vault" members only apparel & merchandise
  • first access to limited edition drops
  • upgrade or cancel anytime

Enthusiast Membership $34.95/mo

Every Month you receive

  • (85) Automatic Entries every month to win the current giveaway
  • (1) Limited Edition car club t-shirt delivered every month
  • (2) Exclusive car club stickers delivered every month
  • 10% off the entire speed society store
  • Free Shipping on all purchases in the store
  • access to the "vault" members only apparel & merchandise
  • first access to limited edition drops
  • VIP Access to speed society events
  • Downgrade or cancel anytime

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Louis Puryear

Sweepstakes No 29. Winner

Louis Puryear

Airway Heights, WA

Prize Taken: Matrix C8 + $20K

Sweepstakes No. 29 Profile
Jordan Hansen

Sweepstakes No 28. Winner

Jordan Hansen

Richfield, UT

Prize Taken: Demon + $20k

Sweepstakes No. 28 Profile
This is every guys dream... And mine just came true!